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Charlie has been a competitive athlete for over 20 years, earning numerous titles on both the national and international stage in Olympic Style Taekwondo. Since training under Olympian, Master Kevin Padilla, since 1992 - Charlie has been surrounded by top level athletes his entire career. In 2004 Charlie fought his way into a spot on the New York State Taekwondo Commission (NYSTC), an organization designed to mentor and sponsor top athletes for international competition. Here Charlie competed in numerous countries representing NY-USA during his bouts. Since his arrival to NYSTC he defended his spot on the team throughout the remainder of his career as a fighter. 

Simultaneously, Charlie served as an instructor at Padilla's Sport Taekwondo School, where he taught Traditional & Olympic Taekwondo, Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing and mentored a number of elite junior athletes. While there, he developed a love for coaching and formed a unique style, drawing from years of training and applying his fighter's mentality.

After a 10-year career in the corporate security world, he returned to his passion. Currently based in NY Metro Area - Charlie is the owner/operator of two CKO Kickboxing Clubs located in Bayonne and Downtown Jersey City. He is also the owner and director of operations for Prosper Private Training also in Downtown Jersey City. Charlie wears several hats, but his favorite, is that of fitness coach and motivator. Charlie has a fun but no nonsense approach to supporting his members goals. Whether you’re aiming to improve your striking technique,  build lean muscle, improve your strength, compete in ocr/marathons, or improve your overall wellness - Charlie and his team can certainly get you there.

When you don’t see Charlie pumping up a packed class of motivated kick-boxers or carefully observing a clients form, you can find breaking a sweat on the mat with everyone else. He is a true fitness professional who passionately cares about his member’s success.

Charlie tries to instill a fighter's mentality within all of his clients, because whether you're in the ring or not - if you refuse to quit on yourself and continue to fight, there's no limit to what you can achieve. 

He lives in Jersey City with his pitbull, Bigguy. 


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Charlie makes sure to drill into his clients is that it is not just about training your body, it is essential to train your mind as well. Each session, he has pushed me to a limit that I never thought I could reach before. The sessions have also helped me circulate more positive energy, feel more active, and even be more aware of my posture throughout the day. Thank you Charlie for being THE BEST coach in the game.
— Shalini T.
f you take his classes and remain committed to the workouts, you’ll see the difference in your life. I’m stronger, faster, and I lost a few inches in the process!! There is always room for improvement when it comes to your fitness and Charlie has shown me that I can always push myself even further. I
— Cynthia C.
Even though I just turned 30, my bum has never looked this good. His routines are always new and challenging, and I leave not being able to walk/knowing I could never push myself as hard.
— Danielle A.
I am fully addicted to Charlie’s sessions. Never have I seen such a transformation, not only in my body but also in my lifestyle and attitude.
— Swati G.
Charlie T. is THE greatest PT I’ve ever trained with. Yes - he is tough and hard, but Yes - you’ll be guaranteed to see results. After 15 sessions with him, I’ve already seen significant improvement of my fitness level
— Kenneth C.
A trainer that cares about your body, your results, your goals and your overall satisfaction more than you do. Hands down, hiring Charlie for PT sessions was the best investment I have made in myself.
— Amar P.
Here I am, a little over a year, still training with Charlie! He is motivating, always pushing me to the next level. He understands your needs and mirrors his training workouts to them. He is all about reaching goals. I have worked with many trainers in the past, and I must say, Charlie is one of the Best!
— Nicole G.
Charlie is a great trainer he keeps you motivated the whole time. I have had hip problems my whole life and he has been helping me with finding the right exercises that work for me. It’s helping me feel more confident and capable of reaching goals that I haven’t before.
— Christine M.
Charlie is a master at his craft. He is so full of energy and its contagious. He challenges you to be your best and step out of your comfort zone, while making the sessions fun at the same time. Its amazing to watch my body transform over the past few months and I can’t get enough. Charlie is the BEST!!!
— Karen F.
Not only can I see the change but everyone around me can. Not just in body but in my attitude. Charlie’s workouts are transforming. Thank you so much for being my fitness inspiration and always pushing me to do more.
— Aniket P.

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